RayLynn Hall

Evangelist – Social Worker – Speaker

– Author – Domestic Violence Advocate

She a Dynamic Speaker, Evangelist, Author, Social Worker, and Domestic Violence Advocate.  She is well known as EMPOWERNISTA due to her passion to empower women all over the world to achieve more and push the envelope to achieve success. She has never settled for less and does not believe that anyone else should.Her drive for success started at a very young age, at 15 years old she became a teen mother.  She was devastated but determined not to allow her early motherhood to prevent her from being a successful student. She had more responsibilities than most of her classmates but was determined to beat the odds and she did!  She graduated amongst the top of her class with Honors.  She did not stop there, she continued on to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology/Law & Society from the University of California, Riverside and her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Southern California.She created Women Empowered Aim for Success LLC to be a change agent to many around the world. She works with women from diverse backgrounds who desire to soar in their personal and professional success. She has created actionable and profitable tips and strategies through live workshops, business networking opportunities, and various social media outlets.She believes that we only have one life to live so why should we live it in fear?RayLynn would love to work with you! 

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